On this page I would like the 4 of you to tell me about President Hoover.
I DO NOT care when he was born, when he died, where he went to school, etc.

The information, images, and media you present here must be about President Hoover and the Great Depression.

In 1899, he became chief engineer of China's Bureau of Mines, then general manager of the Chinese Engineering and Mining company. By 1901, he was a partner in a British engineer firm and traveled throughout the world, during in the 'First World War'. And he was stranded in Europe unable to retured safely to American.(clinton)

Herbert Hoover
Herbert Hoover
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cartoon of Hoover having deal with problems caused by Great Depression

Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act:
The politic that raise U.Stariffs on over 20,000 imported goods, especially on agricultual peoducts. As a result, it promoted the economic condition of each couontry to get even worse.
President Hoover executed this politic for helping European countries while the Great Depression. It allowed European countries to extend 1 year of the deadline of paying compensate from WW1 to America. And for Germany, it allowed to stop paying back of compensate from WW1 to the other European countries for 1 year. Presedent Hoover had anticipated that the economy will turn better by it, but consequently, worldwide Great Deperssion got even worse.
( informations are from my brother's history book)

1928 Herbert Hoover was elected as the U.S president. 1929 The Great Depression snapped U.S mainly because of the stocks market crashed. The Great Depression gave Hoover a pretty tough time because economic had a huge drop and a lot of Americans were bankrupts. Therefore people in America were having difficult time for their livings.
Herbert Hoover thought of some policies to improve America. For example he signed the Hawley-Smooth Tariff bill on 17th June 1930, by raising tariffs on products that were produced in U.S and traded to other countries. The tariff raised the most on agricultural products. Herbert Agricultural Marketing Act did bring little hopes to American Farmers.
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Herbert Hoover signed the Emergency Relief and Construction Act in 1932. Emergency Relief and Construction Act was designed as a temporary effort to aid labor, farmers and business. He signed the Federal Home Loan Bank Act building Feferal Home Loan Bank system to help American in financing to buy a home.
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